Transaction Coordination

Handling transactions is a full-time job and one that takes away from meeting with clients and closing deals. Why waste time with the clutter of paperwork and outsourceable field work? Let us help you from start to finish to coordinate the transactions on your behalf. We can take one piece of the puzzle or the entire process. You decide where your time is best suited and we will handle the rest of the transaction.

Field Work

Sometimes the most time-consuming task is measuring properties, taking pictures, putting out signs, lockboxes, meeting appraisers or inspectors, getting bids, and just having to constantly run back and forth to a project or a listing. Let us help maximize your time and coordinate the field task for you.

Paper Work

Scan documents, upload files, enter data, update CRM, chase down missing signatures, organize, systemize, and just stay on top of all the paper work can be a nightmare. Well, let us help you sleep easier by not worrying about any of these problems anymore.


In business and life in general sometimes change is what is needed. However, knowing what that change should be, where it should be, or when it should happen are hard to figure out. Let us help bring an insight that only can come with outsourcing the things that cause you to lose focus on what matters most in your business.