Martin Presence Concierge

Martin Presence Concierge services are here to make your business run smoother or to just make your life less complicated. All we need to know is... How May We Help You?


Allow us to use technology to help you. Maybe you would like to get a little more "techy", but just not sure where to start. Here is a short list of how we may help...

  • Set up, use, and sync Google Calendar
  • Set up multiple calendars
  • Set up Social Media accounts
  • Maintain Social Media accounts
  • Set up websites
  • Maintain a website
  • Set up Online Folders (such as Drive, Dropbox)
  • Set up Intuit/Quickbooks Online accounts
  • Set up Emails for businesses/personal
  • Set up routing of emails to other emails, certain folders, or aliases.
  • Set up and use a phone system
  • Set up and use an online scheduler system
  • Set up and use Prezi, powerpoints, google slides
  • Find, Set up, Maintain systems to enhance your productivity
  • Set up, Use, Maintain Pipeline Tools
  • Set up, Use, Maintain business intranets
  • Email Organization, tagging, routing
  • Set Up, Use, Maintain Online Conferencing systems
  • Set up and Use Google Sheets

Errand Services

Tend to your affairs and let our errand services take care of the petty things. Need your suit picked up from the cleaners, coffee delivered to your office, documents delivered from one office to the next, banking errands, post office pickups, arrange and wait on trade services (such as lawn care, plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning services, etc.), or waiting for deliveries.


Researching anything is time-consuming and most of the time just no fun! Let Martin Presence Researching Concierge Services do the head scratching and deliver the findings. We can research airline prices, hotel reservations, destination information, good tradesmen for a project (such as plumbers, electricians, a/c & heat service techs), find out how you stand up to your competition, and much more.

Just Ask

We do so much it is hard to list and explain everything we can possibly do for you. So, if you need help "just ask" us and we will let you know if we can handle it. Chances are we can, but if not, we will generally know someone who can.