Winter Prep for the Perfect Spring Yard

As the winter season rolls in, you may be relieved for your yard to become somewhat less of a burden. You may find yourself with questions about how to maintain your yard during the winter months. While it is tempting to put it off and not worry about it until the warmer weather comes back around, the fact is if you’d like to have the perfect green lawn to host your spring crawfish boils you should begin your Spring time yard preparation during the Winter season.

While folks in the north are trading their lawn mowers for snow blowers, things look a little different in the south, especially here in Louisiana. Instead of having yards covered in snow, we all may need to mow one or two more times before the end of the year. It is important when you are trimming your grass that you trim the appropriate length to prevent the cold weather from damaging the grass.

As the grass heads into the dormant time of its growth cycle, there are other things you can focus on to help prep your yard for next Spring! With a yard full of fallen leaves, you may be tempted to rake them out of your lawn. As unsightly as they may be, they provide a wonderful ground cover to protect your grass from frost and winter precipitation. An even greater option is to run over the leaves with a mower to create a mulch. Breaking the leaves into smaller pieces will still provide protection for the grass, but they can decompose at a faster rate and will add rich nutrients back to your soil.

It’s important to clean debris out of your yard, and this is a great time to work on that. If you have fallen limbs laying around, it is beneficial to remove them to prevent pests from nesting in your yard and near your home! Additionally, November and December are considered to be Louisiana’s second severe weather season. As the warm air from the gulf meets with the cooler air moving in from the North, high winds, hail and often tornadoes make their way through the southeast. When the conditions are right for severe storms, you want to be sure your house and carport are clear of hanging limbs. If storms come through leaving your yard a mess, get your limbs cleared up to avoid unwanted pests and damage to your grass.

One more area you want to be sure not to neglect is your flowerbeds. If your flowerbeds are fixed up from the previous year, you will want to lay coverage over your beds to keep your soil and perennial plants in good condition for the spring. Adding a thick layer of fresh mulch (remember the leaves we mulched earlier?) will help protect your plants’ roots from winter precipitation while continuing to hold needed moisture in the soil. Another bonus of having a thick layer of mulch is that it blocks weeds from being able to emerge.

If your flower bed wasn’t exactly something to write home about this year, get ahead of the game now! Weeds are easily removed during the winter and soil is easily prepped. It’s great to clean the beds in the off-season so you can focus on planting during the spring! Or if your thumb is really turning green, take it a step further and plant some hardy bulbs for the perfect spring-time bloom! You will need to be sure to cover with a mulch to protect the new growth of roots.

Lastly, the end of the year is the perfect time to plan your Spring lawn care service. If you want the perfect green lawn to enjoy in Spring and Summer, start thinking about who you would like to maintain it. You don’t have to wait until the spring season to book your lawn care service. It is a great idea to get scheduled now so you know you have someone lined out- before they are too booked. Some companies even offer discounts for customers who book in the winter! You will be thanking yourself when your yard is one less thing you have to manage in the spring!

Don’t avoid your lawn too much this winter. With a little work now, you can set yourself up to have a beautiful haven to relax and share with friends and family when the warmer weather rolls back around. If you want to treat yourself to some time off, or are unable to work on your yard yourself, hire out your Winter maintenance to a company like this one! And while you’re at it, get on their schedule for Spring!

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