Trash Talk: Renting a Dumpster is not a Waste

Roll off dumpster rentals is an often underrated service. With a growing demand across North Louisiana, Swept and Cleaned is now proudly offering dumpster rentals to organizations, businesses and the general public. At 15 cubic yards (approximately 14′ long x 6.5′ wide x 4.5′ high) these heavy duty bins hold around 6-8 pickup loads of debris and junk. As a frequent renter, an employee of Martin Presence Property Management remarked how “renting a dumpster makes the trash-out and clean up process so much easier.” When asked about what benefits he sees in renting on site dumpsters he stated, “We can get more projects completed since we do not have to worry about the time involved with transportation or unloading of waste. The rental cost of the bin well outweighs the money we would spend on labor costs.”


Do I Need to Rent a Roll Off Dumpster? Am I Even Able to Rent One?


It is not necessary to own a business or be a contractor to rent a dumpster. Here are 11 common reasons you may be interested in renting a roll off dumpster:


House renovations– Did you buy a house to flip and rent out? Are you renovating your own house?  Depending on severity, the renovation process may require removal of flooring, drywall, fixtures, and more. Renting a dumpster is one of the best routes you can take for the process.


Moving– Anyone who has moved before knows you discover A LOT of junk when packing. Things get outdated or forgotten about throughout the years and are deemed less valuable in your packing ventures. It is a great time to decide whether or not you still want to hold on to that rock collection you built at 6 years old.


Yard work– Whether you are doing major yard maintenance or building a backyard oasis complete with a playground and outdoor kitchen, an on-site dumpster is great to have at hand in order to toss yard clippings, tree trimmings, old pavement, fencing, and more!


Community clean up– During the giving season, community service is often a top priority. If you and your network of neighbors are looking to participate in a community clean up project, consider placing a large dumpster in a central location for volunteers to drop off their bags of roadside and neighborhood litter.


Office clean out– Has coming back to the office after the COVID shut down made you realize your office needs a serious face-lift? With the realization of how much daily business can be performed digitally, professionals are largely shifting to digital filing systems- yet offices continue to hold on to stacks of old paperwork. If your office is taking advantage of digitally outsourced bookkeeping and now has the extra funds for an interior make-over, then it’s time to rent a roll off dumpster to trash all of the desks with wobbly legs, rusted filing cabinets filled with outdated paperwork, and that Rolodex of contacts from two decades ago.


Severe weather clean up– Unfortunately Louisiana is no stranger to high winds and severe storms. Individual dumpsters provide a fast and convenient process when it comes time to clean up fallen trees, and damaged structures. While no one ever hopes to face disaster, having a general plan in place for managing the aftermath relieves much of the stress in the chance your community is hit.


Attic decluttering– Squirrel nests, haunted heirloom dolls, boxes containing your high school report cards…it’s scary up there! Honestly, just rent a dumpster and throw it all out!


Flood clean up– Whether caused by natural events or from your curious toddler running a bath to recreate your trip to the beach, a flood in the home leads to a dire need for fast clean up before your living space becomes a mildewed bio-hazard. Unfortunately, this often means trashing out flooring, furniture, drywall, wooden doors, and all other interior materials and belongings prone to water damage.


DIY projects (roofing, floor replacement, etc.)– So you’re a handyman who likes to tackle big projects yourself! After you finish your youtube video on how to re-shingle your own roof, schedule to have a roll-off rental dumpster delivered so you can easily toss in the old roof as you remove it. Once you convince your spouse that you do, in fact, know what you are doing, go ahead and replace that bathtub while you still have the dumpster!

(However, if you get halfway into your project and decide that “you no longer have the time to complete it” *wink, wink* maybe consider hiring a contractor)


Estate clean up– Individuals left in charge of sorting the affairs of an estate after the passing of a family member often plan to have an estate sale to help rid of belongings that aren’t being passed down. These sales don’t always yield complete liquidation, so what do you do with the left overs? If you are unable to sell things individually and don’t want to hold everything in storage, toss it!


Hosting an event– Do you host a holiday open house or organize a large neighborhood firework show every New Year and 4th of July? Maybe you are planning a 5k benefit or a community festival. Events in the south have an unwritten rule that where 2 or more are gathered….there must be food. Serving and eating food creates trash. If your event is large enough, rent a dumpster for easy clean up and trash removal from your event site!

How would renting a roll-off dumpster benefit me?


On Site Dumpsters Provide One Central Dump Spot


You will have one large, central area to drop all waste and materials from your project or event without having to worry about running out of space or hauling off trash yourself. There is no confusion of where to pile waste or frustration of trash being in your way as you try to work.


Large Item Disposal


Dumpsters are great for the fact that they can hold bulky items. When throwing out just one room of old furniture, you would have to make several trips with only a truck. A dumpster simply means more space to fit your junk in order to get it out all at once.


Roll Off Dumpsters are Extremely Convenient


To rent a dumpster, find a roll off dumpster service near you (North Louisiana residents click here). Determine the day and length of time, as well as how many dumpsters you may need, then schedule a time for drop off. On the day of your scheduled dumpster delivery, be ready to tell the driver where you would like the dumpster to be set. Then, fill it up! At the end of your rental, a driver will come and hook the dumpster to their truck and drive off into the sunset with all your trash, leaving you worry and junk free! You are not left with the responsibility of finding a dumpsite or unloading your trash. You don’t have to sort anything to comply with dumpsites regulations. Once it is gone, it is gone! Some companies (like this one) even offer to load your junk into dumpsters and do all the work for you.

“One thing to keep in mind is that some companies may have restrictions of what can be tossed in the bins- most often not allowing appliances, hazardous waste such as batteries, paint, and asbestos building materials or tires, among other things. Before you rent your dumpster if you have any concerns that your trash may not be accepted, be sure to discuss with the companies what their regulations are.”


Whatever event or project you are planning, don’t dismiss the idea of having on-site disposal. If you have more questions call your local dumpster rental service (North Louisiana click here) and let them guide you to the specific service you need.

This article is sponsored by Swept and Cleaned and is marketed by Transaction Possibilities.

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