Unwrapping Martin Presence

We want to start off again by saying ‘Thank you’ for your continued support and business as we close out this year. It goes without saying that 2020 has been, and will be, a year to remember for many of us. We have all felt the strain in one form or another from the Covid pandemic. As if Covid didn’t bring plenty of restrictions and chaos for everyone, our area suffered through two hurricanes that caused extensive damage. “Crazy” is the only word I can think of to describe the year we’ve endured.

As most of our clients understand, maintenance is a consistent, and extensive affair in and of itself without the complications of pandemics and horrible weather. We have had to transition and revamp almost weekly to accommodate the ever-changing climate of setbacks this year has thrown our way. We have turned yard crews into sandbagging experts, maintenance crews into roof tarping pros, janitorial crews into tree clean up maniacs, and repositioned office staff to help out any way possible to make sure our clients could count on us. Our fervent prayer is that we can get back to some sense of normalcy and return to projects and routines that have been on hold to accommodate the influx of damage from weather, shutdowns from vendors and contractors, and anything else that just decided to show out this year.

We’d like to share a little about the Martin Presence Group and what our companies have been up to,¬† to serve the ever growing and continually changing needs of our clients. We have split off our lawn care services and janitorial cleanings into their own entities. We have merged and acquired multiple property management services¬†companies over the past couple of years. We have even added multiple maintenance crews and for bigger projects we have acquired our home improvement contractor’s license. Lastly, we have added a marketing and book keeping company to the mix to enhance accountability and exposure for our companies and clients. Martin Presence Group aspires to build relationships with all of our clients by offering services that cover nearly anything that may be needed in the day to day operations of their lives, growth of investments, or protection of assets.

2020 will soon come to an end and we are hopeful you see we are building a group of companies to help us all survive whatever “Crazy” gets thrown our way.

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