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Lawn care

Combating Stickers in Your Grass

Stickers, Spurweed, Sticker Grass, Bindi Weed: no matter what you call it, Soliva Sessilis is a nuisance. If you have walked barefoot through a yard with these weeds or worn your shoes into a house with carpet after tromping through the territory of this weed, you are sure to know exactly what this is. The

ACT Prep

What is the ACT?

What is the ACT? The ACT assessment is a national standardized college entry exam. It is administered by the non-profit company ACT inc., or American College Testing Incorporated. This standardized test serves as a credible and respected marker for college and work-force readiness. Students from 6th-12th grade are able to take the test, as well

Property Maintenance

5 Considerations for Home Renovations

Home renovations are an exciting time for many homeowners, especially for a new homeowner eager to personalize their new house. It is easy to get overwhelmed when planning a renovation, but here are a few things to help turn it into a smooth process, with hopefully very few bumps along the way! 1. Research and

Business Coach

New Year, New Goals

As we close in on the final days of the final month of the year, most people begin to eagerly anticipate the new year. Symbolically viewed as a fresh start, it is common to dream of what the year will hold in store. Everyone will meet new milestones to some degree. Most people will experience

Dumpster Rental

Trash Talk: Renting a Dumpster is not a Waste

Roll off dumpster rentals is an often underrated service. With a growing demand across North Louisiana, Swept and Cleaned is now proudly offering dumpster rentals to organizations, businesses and the general public. At 15 cubic yards (approximately 14′ long x 6.5′ wide x 4.5′ high) these heavy duty bins hold around 6-8 pickup loads of

Property Management

Give Yourself the Gift of Time this Christmas

Are you expecting your Santa Baby to fill your stocking with a duplex and checks this year? The idea of owning investment properties is often sold as an opportunity for easy money. Once new investors have jumped in to the world of owning rental properties, they quickly realize there is a lot more involved than


3 Reasons to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Any business person knows bookkeeping is not only valuable, but it is essential to running a business successfully. Unfortunately, for many small businesses it may be a burdensome task- often leading to many headaches and ultimately the downfall of the company. Did you know there are services specifically for outsourcing bookkeeping? Companies that handle bookkeeping

Lawn care

Winter Prep for the Perfect Spring Yard

As the winter season rolls in, you may be relieved for your yard to become somewhat less of a burden. You may find yourself with questions about how to maintain your yard during the winter months. While it is tempting to put it off and not worry about it until the warmer weather comes back

ACT Prep

Does Test Anxiety Affect Performance?

Is having the knowledge necessary to perform well on an exam the only factor in actually performing well? Students who experience high levels of test anxiety would argue no. It is common for students of any background to feel stress related to taking a test, but experiencing excessive levels of stress warrants considering they may

we wish you a merry christmas
Property Management

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go, and your rental properties are no exception. Since your properties survived Thanksgiving, now would be a good time to ensure they survive Christmas as well. First, start with a safety check of each of your rentals. Check gas lines, external lights, and smoke detectors.

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