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Martin Presence is here to make life easier for our clients and enhance the quality and ease of life through our services that allow you to make a presence and break through to new levels. We offer services such as property management, transaction coordination, business coaching and consulting, maintenance services, and business concierge. We have clients from all over the world and look forward to continuing to grow through our companies and partnerships.

Meet the Team

As with any business it takes a group of people to keep it moving in the right direction. Below are the faces, names, and titles that make it all happen!

Martin Presence - Corey Martin

Corey Martin

Executive Director

Corey began his first company when he was just 13 years old and has a vision to expand, partner, and challenge himself and others around him daily. After 26 years in the business world, he has learned a lot of lessons and is always willing to help others advance.

Martin Presence - Tomeki

Tomeki Holland

Property Management Director

Tomeki started with Martin Presence cleaning houses, then came into the office part-time, and now is over the Property Management division of our company.  She has been with us for six years and has no doubt earned her position.

Martin Presence - Erin

Erin Creighton

Assistant Executive Director

Erin started off working part-time just helping with showings and misc. projects. She now works directly with the executive director to keep the flow of communications and organization moving as needed.

Martin Presence - Vontella

Vontella White

Accounts Payables/Receivables Director

Vontella is great at staying on routine and making sure everyone gets paid as well as collecting payments into our company. She started off as a management assistant, helped with our call center, and when an opening came up in accounting she accepted the position and has continued to grow and mature in her role.

Martin Presence - Mason

Mason Moody

Operations Director

Mason has grown from a simple showing assistant into the person we count on to help us understand different ways to make all systems communicate and work together. He continues to learn and adapt to the new challenges every day.

Martin Presence - Kristyn

Kristyn Atkins

Maintenance Director

Kristyn came in and hit the ground running as the maintenance director. She is in charge of communicating with vendors, staff, owners, and clients to keep all projects on track and completed as they should be.


Communications Director

Skylar is the voice you may hear when you call in or get a return call from our company. He over keeping all communications routed, updated, and followed up with on a daily basis. With hundreds of calls, emails, text, and leads that come in each day, he tends to stay very busy.

Martin Presence - Briana

Briana Creighton

Projects Director

Briana was pulled into our company by her older sister Erin. She ensures that project templates are made, updated, and accurate for our team to stay on track in each and every scenario of our daily business.


Lori Taylor

Transaction Coordinator Director

Lori is a licensed realtor that had a passion to help other realtors and business professionals. She helped jump-start our transaction coordination division and continues to push it to the next level. It is exciting to see what will come next with transaction coordination with Lori at the wheel.

Our Way of Thinking...


Communicating While...

Operating the Systems.

Researching Possibilities.

Educating for Perfection.

You Become...


The COREY Way began years ago with the visions of multiple people but has now become a living instrument of our company. The COREY Way helps guide individuals, partners, and companies of any size to new heights with our unique work ethic and way of thinking. We utilize The COREY Way in our lives daily and would love the opportunity to introduce it to you and your world.

Communicating While...

you become part of The COREY Way. Do you have what it takes? It all starts with communication.

Operating The Systems

Are you ready to Operate The COREY Way?

Systems Check

In a world run by technology and endless systems, it can become overwhelming to know where to start and finish. Then when you think you have the right system, how in the world do you use it?

The COREY Way actualizes plans for our staff, partners, and employees to go from zero to hero with operating procedures. A system is only as good as its operator. The COREY Way encompasses a multitude of software and systems used on a daily basis and implements them in the way they were meant to be used for a seamless transition from training to end users.

Researching Possibilities

Exploration of the possibilities is one click away.

The Possibility Center

Our Possibility Center is one of a kind. Just think of a traditional call center, nurturing company, talent acquisition firm, data mining researcher, and a lead generation giant as you know them now. Then add in The COREY Way and we have a company that will fuel dreams for years to come with endless possibilities.

We use cutting-edge technology and talented individuals to Research the world to get the information needed to make The COREY Way thrive in every area. Our researching extends to find the best leads, the best talent, the best call scripts, the best nurturing methods, and the best new systems to grow exponentially.

Educating for Perfection

Cross Trainers wanted!

Training Mode

Throughout The COREY Way, we understand the need to have continuous training for our partners, employees, and investors. We accomplish this with multiple techniques and tons of talent. We can provide Business Coaching not only to businesses but also to aspiring individuals. Through training as well as educational programs, we fit the need to attain the next level of production.

You Become...

Ready, Set, Go!

The World Ain't Flat?

Exploration is always a scary yet necessary part of life. Just imagine where we would "not be" if exploration was not sought. We seek opportunities, partners, and individuals on every corner. The next frontier may be written on a napkin in your pocket. Let us show you how to Communicate, Operate, Research, Educate, and allow You to become that idea or passion The COREY Way.